About The Maas Family and This Campaign

Over the years, as David and I raised our children, the Lord has impressed upon us the importance of raising up a Malachi 4 family. We desire to live our lives as a reflection of the Lord to our Children. With all our mistakes we still strive to lead our children rightly. Starting with our children, the Lord called us to ministry to children across globe.

We have traveled extensively doing children camps and conferences, as well as parenting seminars. The whole family, as one team, ministering the gospel of Christ to the nations of the world.

In 2007, we ministered in Taiwan and then in India at an orphanage. David and I, along with our four children, were there training on prayer, singing the word, prophetic dance, and the father’s heart.

While we were in India, David went to be with the Lord.

We returned to Kansas City International House of Prayer. Since then, the Lord has done so much for my children and I, and has called us to continue the work to minister to the next generation.

My four children and I have traveled to South Korea, Taiwan, Israel, Canada, and the Bahamas, teaching and training children in prayer and relationship with their heavenly Father. Also, training leaders and parents to look to the next generation and raise them to seek the face of God.

Last year, the summer of 2012, we were able to minister in Taiwan at SHINE Conference with 2,000 young adults and teens, teaching and preaching on purity and personal relationship with Jesus. We witnessed over 1,000 of these teens make a purity covenant to the Lord, to live a rightly and pure life, as the bible states what is right and holy.

Following the SHINE Conference, we traveled to a fishing village where children had never heard of Jesus. With several Bhuddist temples, not one church was anywhere in this small village. At the school, we preached the gospel of Christ for the first time to children aged 5 to 16 years old.

This year, we have been asked to come again to Taiwan. Because the inviting church does not have enough funds, we must pay our own way.

We need to raise at least $10,000 dollars for this trip.

This trip will include the SHINE Conference as well as training children, teens, and young adults at a summer bible training school. We will also be teaching and preaching to equip childrens' leaders and parents.

As a possible addition, the orphanage in India has asked us to return for a short time. As of yet, I am not sure we are ready for that trip. However, we are praying in to it.

Thank you for your support and prayers for my family as we go into the nations preaching the Gospel of Christ!

- Joy Maas

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