Experimental Film 2013
Directed by: Jin Yau
Written by: Jin Yau, Tom Thompson
Wish to thank: Tom Thompson, Tom Penberthy, Jamie Copp, Grandma, Ellen Kei, Terry Stickland, Karsh Fraser
One of my latest films: "Belief, Faith, Living & Life"
Hope u like it.
Don't think it is good enough to public it on the internet,
but just do think it can make some impacts and quite meaningful in my reel.

Belief and Faith are totally different.
Belief is to live,
Faith is for life.

Watch this film and know me more.
I believe to live but I believe more on faith to live my life.
That's me.
Life should be and can be different, right?
Hope this film can motivate and encourage somebody in the low point of their life.
We all experienced it, don't we?

Thanks all the people help in this film.
Especially Two Toms Tom Thompson Tom Penberthy :)

If you like it, just follow my websites:

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