Diversity is fast becoming a key metric for the organizations. Large and small organizations alike are developing mandates to increase the diversity across gender, ethnicity and generation.

Gender diversity is one of the critical elements in the diversity of the corporations. Companies, especially those in the technology industry are often cited by the diversity councils for having a poor record in employing female workforce.

Studies have showed that diversity brings structured and disciplined approach towards problem solving, especially in engineering. Companies with health diversity ratios have outperformed homogenous corporations.
We at Talent Neuron, studied the gender diversity in the MNC captive centers in India. As the technology companies have set up their subsidiaries at a rapid pace in India, we wanted to understand the gender diversity ratios in these centers.

We surveyed over 200 captive centers to understand the female employment in these centers. We also leveraged social media sites such as LinkedIn, Facebook and Twitter to analyze the diversity rations the other small and mid-sized captive centers of technology companies.

Our survey results and statistical analysis shows that only 14% of the employees in the MNC captive centers are women. Another critical observation was, the female ratio drastically reduces as the experience level increases.

Tough there is a acceptable ratio of 25% at the entry level, it reduces to less that 5% for employees with more than 10 years of industry experience.
Interviews with the HR leaders in these companies showed that long work hours in these global centers, limited flexibility to work from home, high work pressures are some of the reasons contributing to this trend.

For more information on this report or other global talent, cost and peer group benchmarking details, visit talentneuron.com

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