Am currently taking a class on Final Cut Pro X for which I decided to "use" some of my own material with which to go through learning that application (very different from previous versions of Final Cut Pro with which I am very familiar).

As I recently recorded a concert presented in Belgium by my goddess of the harpsichord, Paola Erdas, I selected her "encore" (a "bis" in French) with which to explore Final Cut Pro X.

As is so often the case, accidents provide what is to me, the best "I" can do, and I was pleasantly surprised by what came out of yesterday's training session.

I will for sure revisit this gorgeous music, but wanted to share those "accidents" here.
(Here's a newer version of this piece:

Paola and I have done several pieces together, am eagerly looking forward to the opportunity to do so "live," presenting concerts during which she will play while I'll improvise the images in real-time.

Examples of our collaboration here:

Paola's web site:

Excellent article on Paola (in French): (am very glad to see that I am not the only one moved by her exceptional talent)

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