You saw the drama of scrutiny..

You saw the drama of rigged elections..

and You also saw the drama of corrupt election tribunals..

All of this was foretold by Dr Mohammad Tahir ul Qadri,he warned the nation about each and every thing. For this very purpose he did the long march towards Islamabad BUT NO ONE,not even those who wanted change,dared to defy the corrupt system and join him.

But by the grace of Allah and His beloved Messenger[s.a.w] ,time has proved him right once again..

It is not late,there is still hope,Dr Mohammad Tahir ul Qadri is still waiting for you to come and support him,put aside your political and religious ideologies for a minute and listen his message,has he said anything wrong?
[If YES then please let me know in the comments section] He is working to give the rights back to the poor and oppressed,to remove the culture of power. He needs YOUR support!

Stand up against Corrupt system,be with PAT[Pakistan Awami Tehreek] , If you cannot get yourself registered then be with PAT with your heart.Tell others about this message,prepare the people around you for the struggle against this corrupt system!

Insha`Allah,success will one day knock on your door!


Created by: Danial Ahmed
Used Corel Video Studio Pro X4


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