As the end of the year dawns upon us, an epidemic overtakes this nation. It is none other than...senioritis. Here is Bobo Fillstein explaining the symptoms of this disease. Listen carefully, and your life might just be saved.

Directed by Cameron Quon
Edited by Cameron Quon
Filmed by Matthew Clark, Adrey Arroyo, Kathy Clark

Filmed on the Canon EOS 60D and 7D.

Thanks to all my theater friends for helping me film this! You were honestly the best and funnest people to work with for my last video!!!!!! You guys are AWESOME!!

Bobo Fillstein: Cameron quon
Sleeposaurus: Joel Beaver
Angry Teacher: Vilo Del Rio
Tardyalotumi 1: Ryan Bradfford
Tardyalotumi 2: Joel Beaver
Tardyalotumi 3: Jordan clark
Tardyalotumi 4: Adrey Arroyo
Campus Supervisor: Jim Mercedante
Lion of Procrastination: Tanner Burghardt
I'malreadyacceptedintocollegesoidon'tcareus 1: Ryan Bradford
I'malreadyacceptedintocollegesoidon'tcareus 2: Thomas Zablinski
Absentallthetimeus: Jordan Clark
Underclassman 1: Nicole Werth
Underclassman 2: Brooke Jordan
The Lone Senior: Ryan Bradford
Other Random Seniors:
Callie Hallman
Sam Koek
Aidan O'Connor

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