A short film about a young man who uses his intellect to create a device that can alter time and space, however not everything goes according to plan and his life is changed forever.

-2013 UAHS Film Fest Winner-

This short film took me a long time to make and is certainly the most stressful video I've made thus far. Between school, sports, and a social life, I was able to complete this film in time to enter into my high school's film fest. Please subscribe and give me some feedback on what you think of it.

BLOOPERS: youtube.com/watch?v=gjCR0iyWNbc
TRAILER: youtube.com/watch?v=n4TR7yyHESA

FACEBOOK: ‪facebook.com/Jack.C.Campise‬
TWITTER: ‪twitter.com/#!/JackCampise‬
VIMEO: vimeo.com/jackcampise
WEBSITE: ‪jackproductions.webs.com/


Matt: Jack Campise
Adam: Eric Colombo
Young Adam: Braeden Colombo
Waitress: Tina Hohman
Adam's Brother: Ethan Colombo


Written and Directed by: Jack Campise
Screenplay by: Jack Campise
Assistant Director: Ryan Harrison (youtube.com/user/harrisonryan1801)
Edited by: Jack Campise
Cinematography by: Ryan Harrison and Jack Campise
Filmed by: Ryan Harrison, Vince Campise, Ailsa Heckscher and Tina Hohman
Transportation: Vince Campise
Visual Effects: Jack Campise
Sound Mixing: Jack Campise
Sounds by: Freesound.org


"Slow Drag"
by Chris Zabriskie

"Fell Out Of The Sky"
by State Shirt

"Collapsing Time"
by Dexter Britain

by Kevin Macleod

by State Shirt


Anees Assaf
Mary Duncan
The Colombo Household
The Employees of Chef-o-nette
The Employees of the UAPL

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