Old signal & control bridge of Bingen/Rhein main station, Germany. Build 1936, in service till 1996. It's part of the UNESCO World Heritage Site Middle-Rhein. Was part of a big maintenance station for wagons at a cross point for lines coming from the Nahe valley and going up the most beautiful part of the river Rhine valley.

Went out with my GH3, some strange glass and a low-cost slider. Some of the first shots in early dawn a bit grainy - but I like that as it adds to the doc-style. A "finger exercise".

50 fps mov, 400 / 200 asa / edited in fcpx in a 25p timeline / h.264. A bit of colour correction. One shot reversed, fcpx seems not to like that coming from a 50fps original converted to 25 fps.

Nice area - excellent white wines if you search a bit.

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