This is the fifty-first MEP from Mad World Productions. The song is Speechless by Lady Gaga.

Please refrain from any derogatory comments such as "I liked this part better." or "I didn't like this part." or anything else of that persuasion, all the members of Mad World Productions did their best and I WILL NOT hear of anyone putting them down. Any negative comments will be immediately deleted and the person will be blocked, I take this very seriously, I will not allow any harm to come to my members and my friends.

However, any constructive criticism is welcome, but try to be nice please.

Note from xSangoSan195:

HO-LEE CRAP! This makes 4 MEPs that we've managed to wrap up in UNDER A MONTH! God, we're almost completely caught up now! It feels awesome! and just god I think this is one of the most perfect, beautiful projects we've ever done. I think we managed to cover pretty much both ends of the emotional spectrum with this MEP! It goes so smoothly from like heartbreak to freakin' Christmas, can I get an amen on this? Lol, don't even mind that I ended up doing 3 parts for this, I adore this song to bits. A big thank you to my bby Cat for doing the lovely intro (AGAIN) and more thankies to Jenny (squazio) and Kay (MentalTsuii) for helping out with some parts! And omg, I am pretty sure that we are the first ones to do a MEP with this song xD Apparently there's a Gaga megamix with this song in it...but that doesn't count to me haha. WE HOPE YOU LIKE YOUR PRESENT NEKO! WE LOVE YOUUUUUUUU~


// MWP intro made by InuYan

Editor: Traceharia
Used: Amnesia

Track 1:
Editor: squazio [GUEST]
Used: Amnesia

Track 2:
Editor: CeliaPhantomhive

Track 3:
Editor: happimood
Used: Kuroko no Basuke

Track 4:
Editor: mephirin
Used: [K]

Track 5:
Editor: Viinurify
Used: Hyouka

Track 6:
Editor: xSangoSan195
Used: Kimi ga Nozomu Eien

Track 7:
Editor: xSangoSan195
Used: Shuffle!

Track 8:
Editor: Ninetailsrox
Used: ToraDora!

Track 9:
Editor: siseoul
Used: Zetsuen no Tempest

Track 10:
Editor: xSangoSan195
Used: Elfen Lied

Track 11:
Editor: MentalTsuii [GUEST]
Used: Natsuyuki Rendezvous

Track 12:
Editor: Zeldaa1234
Used: Inu x Boku SS

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"Oh, you can't help that," said the Cat: "We're all mad here."

- Cheshire Cat


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