As a true local, I always ride these ramps. I don't care that they're small, I don't care that they are not movable anymore. And, most importantly, I don't care if anyone cares.

So a blue sky and a lovely sunset my be enough to keep me motivated to ride this s*ht of a setup for hours, always lookin' out for new tricks.

Here it is, Local Park Edit #5! Without any doubt the best I ever filmed, the one loved the most filming, altough I ripped a beloved pair of jeans and killed my elbow.

Starring a freecoaster, me, and a 5D mkII with 35mm Nikkor at f/2.0. Editing with Adobe Pr/Ae. Song is the lovely Little Talks acoustic by Julia Sheer & Jon D., be sure to check their other songs as well!

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