anyway i want to dedicate this video to some people because their birthdaaays ; w ; and i fail and can't make a video for all of you ; __ ; DONTKILLMEPLEASE
IAMSOSORRYICANTMAKEYOUANYTHINGONLYFORYOUCRAIBLAMESCHOOLANDSUCH ; w ; anyway i hope you like this anyway and you are amazing and you know that 8D you azusa obsessed person |8 -inserts hearts-

AIRI - :
I know we haven't really talked much but we will |8 you are really amazing woman andaaandannnd AIRFART I LOVE YOU i really enjoy our convo's so far andand CRAI THIS IS SO CHEESY youareamazingyes i love youu ;_;

chickeeeen you know i love you ; w; -SNIFFS YOU AND EATS YOU AFTERWARDS- you so yummy ; w ;

i am so sorry for my suckish messages i am so inspirationlesss but i love youu all ; w ;

all the freaking anime's and song is in the end of the video |8 -FLEES-

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