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To all new people: 'Wake up America Productions' (formula4409.com) YT channel 'RP4409' & filed a "copyright infringement" on FederalJack & ExomatrixTV

ExomatrixTV is now suspended :(

To all new people: 'Wake up America Productions' (formula4409.com) YT channel 'youtube.com/RP4409'; & filed a "copyright infringement" on FederalJack & ExomatrixTV

ExomatrixTV is now suspended :(

New back up channel of John: youtube.com/EXOMATRlXTV --- please subscribe ! Thank you for your kind support !

BACKUP CHANNEL of ExomatrixTV ('' i '' becomes a lowercase 'L' )

I gonna soon subscribe ALL friends invites, but Youtube is slowing it down, after 7 or more addings I got a message: "you have recently subscribed to many channels, try again later" (this is also with adding new friends) .... I have sent a PM to channel youtube.com/RP44409 under my name JohnKuhles that was already an accepted friend over there, made a cc forward to 20+ other truther channels so that they know all know ;)

With the request to ask youtube NOT to suspend my channel. Because they are a partner with Youtube, they did not file the request but YT did. WITHOUT warnings, NO request of removal, TOTALLY INSANE to disable 143 videos that are embedded in 1000s of websites over the planet. 5000+ unique visitors a day, 3510+ subscribers, (60+ new subscribers added every day), 1000s wonderful insightful comments -ALL GONE- :_(

Ask youtube.com/RP4409 to ask Youtube to give back my original channel ExomatrixTV.

Please do NOT attack RP4409 channel, it could be very well just a manager that is NOT a truther or an activist ... if the truthers & activists of RP4409 disagree with the manager we may resolve this if we keep it civil ... I appreciate all support & help (1 other so called "copyright infringements" was a TRAILER (teaser) of conspiracy movie featuring Alex Jones as main character) I have never heard before that re-uploading a trailer "not allowed" ALSO no contact no request to take it down.

ANOTHER EXPLANATION COULD BE: YouTube maintenance is connected to a third-party company that can be hired and trace possible "copyright violations" they get money for doing this, do not care about -normal- resolving misunderstanding or possible problems. I wonder if all truthers & activists of RP4409 support this way of handling.


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