Alex Nice
Matte Painter, Concept Artist, Layout, and Cg-Generalist.
Venice Ca

Alex Nice is a professional Matte Painter with a solid understanding of all aspects of the film pipeline.

1. Classically trained in illustration and Fine Art
2. Over ten years in the visual effects industry, Matte Painting for 5 with a background as a CG generalist.
3. Used Photoshop, 3Ds Max, Maya, Nuke XSI, and C4d professionally in studio environments.
4. Assistance in Matte Painting color pipeline issues and solutions.
5. Experience working Directly with VFX supervisors and Directors providing concept/layout and planing out shots effectively.

I can provide full "hero" Matte Painting shots, build them out in 3D (in any package), and recreate those projection setups in Nuke for compositors to easily get the shots finaled quickly and on time. I specialize in problem solving difficult shots.

Specialties: Matte Painting, 3D Projections, Concept Art/Layout, Modeling, Lighting/Shading(Vray) 3D Cloth and Smoke Sims, and overall CG Generalist.

* I recently taught at Gnomon school of VFX, where I taught Matte Painting with multiple camera 3D Projections in Maya, 3D Max, and Nuke.

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