18.5.2013 Hirvitalo Center of Contemporary Art, Tampere Finalnd. ( hirvikatu10.net/ )
Artist: Shanie Mor ( shaniemor.com )

Video by Yonatan Wolowelsky ( grmmph.com )
Music: Jenifer Avila - El Tranvía ( jeniferavila.bandcamp.com/track/el-tranv-a )

Thanks to:
Mikko Nurmi
Sami Maalas
Kristina Sergeyeva

Press Release:
From the time we are young our parents tell us That We Should not pick things from the floor as they are "garbage".

In my works I am contemplating on the way we perceive Things that are out of use, the way society deals with "garbage" and leftovers.

As the idea of transformation interest me, and Appears in many of my works, I am investigating how does this so called "garbage" is being created, as it is just a transformation of Things That yesterday was our objects of desire the things we so wanted to have, products we spend all of our hard working money is.

Objects of desire transformed into waste.

By taking this waste and making art out of it I am retransforming it to an object of desire, a "thing" with meaning and value.

However, by cutting waste and changing this into a piece of art leftovers of materials Appears, and again garbage is being created in the same process art is being made. And the question arise again, is the waste of materials created while art is being made Also included are art?

I am interested in the way things are changing when horizontal into vertical grows, when in 2D becomes 3D, when something breaks / explode / rises out of its Flatness. I am interested in the transaction of an object, from what That it is to all of the things it can be. The way simple materials become "things", "products", and how in all of this mess Appears meaning.

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