The day after I remixed the prologue scenes from Melancholia, I was watching Dogville then I found out that Lars Von Trier had already used Vivaldi's "Cum Dederit" as soundtrack (Vivaldi Concert In G Major)
What a coincidence!

Armand Amar & Sandrine Piau - Vivaldi - Nisi Dominus: Cum Dederit
Melancholia (2001) - Lars von Trier - scenes taken from the Prologue

My friends love the Prologue scene of Melancholia, while I found the scenes somehow disconnected from the soundtrack (beautiful by itslef, the amazing Richard Wagner - Tristan and Isolde, Prelude.)
So, while I was listening by chance to Sandrine Piau interpretation of Vivaldi's "Cum Dederit" I felt that Vivaldi would have fit perfectly the prologue scenes of Melancholia so I decided to remixit.
As i wrote before, the day after I was watching Lars Vont trier's Dogville for the first time and I found out that the soundtrack was indeed Vivaldi's "Cum Dederit".
Maybe that's not just a coincidence, maybe Vivaldi was playing in Lars Vont Trier's background while he was imagining the Melancholia's scenes? I like to think that...
Anyway, I hope you appreciate this new association :)

Cum dederit dilectis suis somnum;
Ecce haereditas Domini, filii:
Merces, fructus ventris.

When he has given sleep
to those he loves,
Behold, children are an inheritance
of the Lord,
A reward, the fruit of the womb.

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