This is my a lighting demo reel video.


1. TIME-LAPSE (Personal Work)

-Houdini 12.0, Nuke 6.3, UV Layout
-Time-Lapse Lighting

This project was designed as a time-lapse scene.
During pre-production I gathered time based images and time-lapse videos for reference and tried to find out how I could make the scene feel beautiful and calm using lighting. I shot a time-lapse in my room using an HVX camera in order to observe the angle, intensity, and color change of light and shadow.

2. HUB (Personal Work)

-Maya 2012 (Mental ray), Create HDRI, Nuke 6.3
-HDRI Lighting

This project was an experimental work done with HDRI. Using
different exposures, I took 14 different phtotographs to make an HDR image for this project.
For the lighting of this scene, I used HDRI lighting and final gather in Maya Mental Ray.
To match the HDRI lighting with the objects, I added a few Maya spot lights. In addition, different passes were rendered so each of the characteristics of the objects could be manipulated and to save time when compositing.

3. Cellphone (Personal Work)

-Maya 2012 (Mental ray), Nuke 6.3
-HDRI Lighting

I did a look development for the cell phone created in the project Hub.
I observed the details of reference images in order to make it as realistic as possible.
To get the look of a used device, I added finger prints and scratches on the phone screen.

4. AIRCRAFT (Personal Work)

-Maya 2013, Nuke 6.3, Mudbox, Photoshop

The HDRI and real life footage are works produced by my peers. I worked on the modeling, texturing, lighting, animation, smoke fx, and compositing of the aircraft. For this project, I focused on creating a 3d sequence which would match the real life footage of the environment.
To do so, I used several techniques like edge blur, light wrap, z depth blur, and motion blur.
Also I rendered out each component and combined them in Nuke.

5. STILL LIFE (Personal Work)

-Houdini 11.0 Modeling with Expression
-Real Life Reference Recreation

I shot a photo of a group of objects as my reference image and attempted to recreate the photograph using Houdini. Houdini allowed me to make this image with an indestructible node base environment. This was a challenge as it was my first time using Houdini to complete a project.

6. SCHOOL OF FISH (Personal Work)

-Houdini 11.0, Nuke, Photoshop
-Crowd simulation using particles

I used Houdini’s Particle and Expression for Fish Crowd simulation for this project. For the different speeds of each of the particles, I applied a different movement in hopes of simulating a group of motions similar to nature. I researched and applied the behaviors of schooling fish and the movement of water and light underneath the surface of the water from the photographs and video clips I studied.

7. DRAG’N’FLY (Collaborative Work)

-Maya 2011, Renderman for Maya, Shake
-Lighting and Compositing

“Drag’ N’ Fly”is a collaborative project at SCAD Atlanta by a group of students with different skill sets.
The story was created by Bluesky storyboard artist John Hurst. I added soft dapple light using a depth map shadow using Renderman for Maya for morning lighting. I used the fog and god ray effect in Shake while compositing.


-Maya 2012
-Mel & Python script

While shading the grapes, I needed to modify the color of each grape. When I looked at photograghs of grapes I observed how each grape had slightly different colors. To simulate the same type of random coloring for each grape, I decided to build a tool using mel for this project. This tool can be used in multiple situations regarding objects needing variations in color.

1. Rename name of objects
2. Randomize color of objects

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