Basic Message 10
Ephesians 5:15-21

The Secret in Maintaining the Filling of the Holy Spirit

God exhorts us that we must be filled with the Holy Spirit. This is because only when we have the heart, then we will be able to enjoy all the blessings of being Holy Spirit-filled. Only when we restore these spiritual conditions, then the Holy Spirit will begin to manifest His power, carry out His amazing works in our life and our environment and on the people around us, to immediately making us enjoy abundant human life that is filled with meaning and can bear fruits.

1. First, we must clearly understand a few matters concerning the Holy Spirit
1) When one comprehends and believes the reason and accomplishment of Christ’s cross, the Holy Spirit comes in to abide forever
2) Having understood the gospel and teachings of Christ, and when by such perspective view all things, one can get the conviction of the Holy Spirit
3) After deciding to live testifying for Christ, one will be guided by the Holy Spirit even more clearly.
4) At the same time of abandoning matters of the “flesh”, submitting to Holy Spirit’s conviction and guidance, one will receive the filling of the Holy Spirit
5) When one participates in serving for the sake of establishing the body of Christ (church), all kinds of spiritual gifts will be received
6) The work of the Holy Spirit will certainly bring inner fruits and outer fruits
7) The consequence of the filling of the Holy Spirit will certainly bring “God’s word-centered, Christ-centered” life, and also restores a Christian walk that has orderliness, is healthy, and is normal.

2. What things will happen if a believer is not filled with the Holy Spirit?
1) There are two laws in the heart battling with each other, cannot to receive peace
2) No strength to restrain the cravings of the flesh, will end up becoming a slave to sin.
3) Born under the influence of environment and surrounding people, will become captive of the world.
4) Received the accusations and hints (“flaming arrows”) of the devil, cannot boldly, confidently, hopefully and courageously converse with God.
5) Because Father God loves us, His discipline will arrive on our lives
6) Not only unable to enjoy God’s power and receive more eternal inheritance, will also be wasting his limited, precious time on earth.

3. How can we receive the filling of the Holy Spirit?
1) Must repent all sins committed, things disbelieved and not submitted, use Christ’s precious blood to cleanse
2) Must restore the assurance of salvation, guidance, receiving answered prayer, victory and receiving inheritance
3) By the perceptive of Christ and the gospel to understand God’s words, and must receive the spiritual perspective
4) Must ascertain life’s purpose and priority (testify Christ, establish kingdom)
5) Must understand and experience the mystery of prayer (conversational prayer, promises, solving problems, getting God’s plan, restore authority and power, receive answers)
6) When gathered together with people of faith (parts of the Body), praising and sharing God’s word, pray and testify, the Holy Spirit will especially work
7) After discovering the evidence of God’s presence in our daily living and walk with God, we will receive the filling of the Holy Spirit
8) When one has assurance in testifying God, evangelizing, teaching disciples, he will receive the filling of the Holy Spirit

4. What will happen when filled with the Holy Spirit?
1) Angels and the heavenly troops are mobilized, forces of darkness (things of devil, evil, disbelief and doubts) are bounded
2) God’s words and plan get fulfilled, God’s kingdom is established.
3) In whatever problems and sufferings, God’s great power and authority still manifests in our hearts and minds, speeches and judgments (Ac 4:31; 7:55)
4) The illnesses on the soul, flesh and living receive healing.
5) Doubled gifts of the Holy Spirit will come upon the Holy Spirit-filled person
6) The blessing of meetings (honored people, place, event and information) continually come
7) The mystery of Christ and the gospel is spread, many ministries of life, healing and disciples will continually arise

5. How to continue maintaining being Holy Spirit-filled?
1) Must grasp God’s words and Christ’s promises, not extinguishing the conviction of the Holy Spirit
2) Must always enjoy the mystery of fixed-time, continuous and concentration prayer
3) Discover the blessed schedule every day and at all times. In all things and in daily living, enjoy walking with God
4) Often have life communion with people of faith, also proactively participate in testifying and serving Christ

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