'It is logical to believe that life is a sequence of lessons that an individual has to go through in order to find a meaning or even happiness. Well it seems to me that this knowledge is rather more confusing than helpful.'
Brain is a quirky,stylish smart comedy/drama, where Brian, the protagonist, is trying to make a sense out of his life. He and his best friend Frank, having nothing better to do, travel to the sea.

Do we all try to find meaning through specific events? Does it ever work? Why should a film be any different? Joy is hidden in every moment, all have to do is stop thinking. How? You tell me.


Nico Diodoro - Brian
Matthew 'Morse' Walker - Frank


Georgios Athanasiou - Writer, Director
Rafael Bujosa - Director of Photography
Gsus Lopez - Art Director
Olga Souri - Graphic Designer
Ria Polychroniadou - extra

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