On the other hand

Two digital video, colour, sound

8' PAL 16/9

"On the other hand" finds its roots in a story that had been reported to me.

The story of a young Italian woman who arrived in Genk with her family in the mid-sixties while the first mine crises and the strikes were on the point to happen.

A young woman who was spending a lot of time imagining that her sister - who stayed in Italy - was just behind the edge of her garden and making abstraction of both social and economic realm by painting her native country.

The project pictures two characters, one based in Genk and the other one based in the North part of Italy. The first character is a young Italian immigrant, living and working in Genk as a cleaning lady at C-mine and also as an operator of a shut cinema where some posters have turned yellow.

Actions take place in 2012 but it is not fully revealed, she rather appears like a pre-1968 character.

Such as the young woman of the original story, she is in connection with some disseminate marks of her native country. She is juxtaposed to a double, her twin sister stayed in Liguria.

Her routine face the melancholic tour trip of her sister.

This second character, the italian sister, is at the edge of the frame. Between the camera eye and the focus, she is watching Italia, re-enacting memories, typical scenes and clichés (hitting the aesthetic a postal card off). A tour that takes the bedroom - and the view that a bed along an open window can offer - as its starting and ending point.


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