Just one shot from How Dare You Alexis (HDYA)´s Upcoming Music Video "Tuned & Perfect"
This music video is very special for us. Becase it´s been born in vimeo, It´s a truly vimeo project.
We first met through my videos, he send me a track to see if I could edit with some old footage i had, didn´t work.
Some time after that he came back with a new song asking the same thing, The song was awesome. Can you edit some of your old footage with my song? maybe you have something in your draw?
i kicked him out & proposed to shoot a Music Video, Specially for this new song.
He accepted, the whole band did.
The thing is that they live in Poland & I live in fuckin Rio, Brazil.
Uncredibly they sent a bunch of Euros by Western Union to an unknown Argentinian (me) & we shot the video in South América.
"Do whatever you want man, here, have our euros & go have fun"
Thanks Guys,
Music Video Coming out in June
Directed by Escriche + JP Magarola
Art + Vibe: Vicky Lucato
Produced by: GULA
Shot in Rio

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