Written | Directed | Produced: Felix Schaefer
D.O.P | Camera | Editing | Color Grading: Arman Pourkashani
Assistent Camera: Keren Cherizon
Actor: Timur Isik

Press contact: felix@boerlinboerds.com

”eschaton” will be performed on 12th and 13th July at Platoon Kunsthalle Berlin, as part of Platoons' SALON REVOLUTIONÄR Platform.
”eschaton” is a hybrid mix of classical theatre, musical, dance and multimedia art. The story follows a man who is being picked by the technical controlled world to join the mass controlling superpower that is gnosa.
We guide you through a journey where Gnosa controls your every move before you even thought about making one. We follow Tobias, Europes top hacker, who Gnosa tries to convince to change sides and join the superpower. What will Tobias do? Will he join the force or the fate of thousands of others who did not want to cooperate? In this heavily multimedia and performance technology influenced theatre piece, the viewer will join Tobias on his spectacular and thrilling journey.

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