I will introduce an awesome stratosphere sight, taken by the GoPro 3 HERO(White ED).

On May 10th, 2013: a weather balloon(is called the Space balloon) with the GoPro3 was launched to 18.7miles from the ground, by ROK elementary school children.

The wonderful sight of stratosphere was successfully filmed the video.
Seen from space the Earth is capped with a beautiful blue sky with white clouds, the sight was real ecstasy.

After firing In 30 minutes, a weather balloon reached the stratosphere and took me about an hour and 20 minutes spacewalk around the universe.

After the 3hours, bursting weather balloon was discoverd in Andong.
Andong is far from about 95mile away launched area.

I hope you have a good exploration of space.
Thank you for your sharing your interests and more.

If you need the more information of this project, you will contact the facebook of KIPO official(the Korean Intellectual Property Office, facebook.com/kipoworld) or the project manager(facebook.com/hyowon.suh).
P.S KIPO is the governmental authority in charge of intellectual property in Korea.

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