Our new Pozible presented by The Music Generation.

Did you learn and instrument at school and want to pick it up again? Are you self-taught but want to get a grip on some of music’s more technical aspects? Maybe you’ve never touched an instrument?

The Music Generation will equip you with the confidence to share your music and through it’s new Pozible campgain, MGEN wants to bring together all types of musicians for a new initiative called ’Melbourne Music Sessions‘.

Having run private lessons and tuitions for three years, MGEN has just started conducting beginners ensembles and choirs. In the last six months the numbers attending these jam sessions has grown, as does the participant’s enthusiasm.

“I enjoy the classes held by The Music Generation,” says Iona Dierich, a participant of MGEN’s Guitar Ensemble and Choir. “The teachers make sure the sessions are suited to the abilities of the students and I love playing!”

We all know that finding people to play with is a difficult – and even if you do manage to piece together a group, what next? MGEN wants to give beggining musicians the opportunity to play in a group, meet new people and find new ways to enjoy music.

MGEN has confirmed commitment from community and council spaces such as Abbotsford Convent and Gasworks Community Arts Park. Other well known institutions have also guaranteed space for the initiative, including Kindred Studios, Frequency Studios, Solv’d Office Space, The Academy of Singing, The Workers Club and Passion Dance Studios just to name a few.

At these locations all over Melbourne, MGEN will be calling for musicians of all skills and ages and leading ensembles and choirs in a casual, fun and engaging way.

The Pozible campaign needs $30,000 to make this a reality. Any and all sizes are encouraged and sponsors will be ‘rewarded’ in the spirit of this valuable community initiative.

$5 – Your name on our Pozible Wall of Thanks forever. (Included in every reward)
$20 – Free entry into 5 Melbourne Music Sessions.
$35 – Ticket to our Pozible Celebration Party. (Only 200 Avail.)
$50 – One free music lesson PLUS free entry into 5 Melbourne Music Sessions. (Includes free introductory lesson)
$65 – Rehearsal Room for 6 hours at Kindred Studios. (Only 1 Avail.)
$100 – A performer for your special event to perform 3 pieces/songs of your choice.
$150 – Participation in an MGEN short course of your choice. (Please ring and make a booking before buying this reward)
$300 – Your choice of group in your choice of municipality with your choice of who runs it and unlimited entry into that group for as long as it forever
$440 – Photographic/video studio hire for 1 WHOLE day at Kindred Studios. (Only 1 Avail.)
$500 – A group of four people to perform 3-5 song/pieces at your special event.
$1000 – 6 months worth of free weekly 30 minute lessons, group or individual PLUS your choice of group in your choice of who runs it PLUS unlimited entry into Melbourne Music Sessions for 6 months. (Until March 2014)


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