MM2 Modern Dance Company was invited to perform work from THREE for the screening of IFC/Sundance Selects FRANCES HA on Monday, May 20 at the Ritz Five Theater in Philadelphia.MM2 premiered “Gray Area”, choreographed by Jenna Faye Eugenides and performed by Jessica Bryan, Katelyn Capato, Jenna Faye Eugenides, Kaylee Goodwin and Jennifer Laucella. This dance piece looks at how “Sometimes all you need is to be heard and understood”, according to Eugenides.

The new movie from IFC/Sundance Selects FRANCES HA, stars indie Darling Greta Gerwig (GREENBERG), Adam Driver from GIRLS, and Mickey Sumner (Sting’s daughter). Basically Greta plays this 20-something whose friends are moving up in the world and she still doesn’t know what she’s doing with her life, and is deemed “undateable”. She is a modern dancer and is deciding if he career should continue in performance or in choreography.

Gray Area
Choreographer: Jenna Faye Eugenides
Dancers: Jessica Bryan, Katelyn Capato, Heather Fleischman, Kaylee Goodwin and Jennifer Laucella
Music: View Of A Burning City by The Appleseed Cast

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