Shot and edited in 48 hours at the May 2013 KinoDynamique in Vienna (
This is the version as screened at KinoDynamique. I might do some color correction and some minor changes once I have more time :)
Screenplay: Cristóbal Hornito
Director / Editor: Philipp Kaindl
DOP: Maximilian Orgovanyi-Hanstein
Title Design: Max Hammel
Cast: Daniel Crocante, Rosanna Ruo, Matthias Lindenthal, Julia Sternthal, Emil Gallé, Lisa Furtner, Kathrin Hödl-Rausek, Anu Wanasinghe
Erzähler: Max Hammel
Many Thanks to: Café Stadtbahn, 1180 Vienna ( and kino5 (

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