We really wish all our friends could join us, but since you can't we wanted to let you know we were thinking of you.

THIS IS NOT THE FINAL VERSION! If you don't hear your name here, don't worry, we had to do this three times before we were satisfied. Give me some time, I'll be uploading the others soon.

The idea behind this video: I really wanted to make a video to show everyone of our flickrmeet to encourage everyone and to give you a laugh. So I decided that if we mentioned the names of everyone from flickr we are friends with, then we could connect better with you, our dear fans, friends, family, and you would enjoy the video.

This was take one of three takes, I will be uploading the others.

Also don't forget the commandment, "If thou shalt view, Thou shall comment or face fiery destruction in thoust day of fury and wrath." I can't quote the exact scripture but I know I've seen it, so beware.

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