Idea and performance: Jurga Juodyte
Performed on a children's playground.

One day we all become mothers.
No one can teach us how to play this game. However, society expects us to do everything right. “Be a good mother”, they say.
And so we jump – trying to choose good parenting decisions and avoid bad ones.
Finally, limits of evaluation fade, and what matters is a result – the child.

Camera from above watches a woman playing hopscotch. Its position imitates that of the higher, righteous creature (God, or perhaps society).
Hopscotch lines are drawn with chalk on the asphalt. Nine squares – nine months of pregnancy. Every square has a text – “good mother” or “bad mother”. The woman is jumping alone. She is trying to obey the rules of the game, but sometimes she makes a mistake and gets more and more tired – her breathing becomes inconsistent and short. In the middle of the process texts on the asphalt are fading and become almost invisible.

Camera: Virgis Malčius
Montage: Virgis Malčius
Sound: Jurga Juodyte

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