3D animation and 2D compositing for HelloTV (fictional product)

The aim of this project was to conquer some small challenges in Cinema 4D and produce a showreel piece for a mock children's TV promo.

I began by creating a basic set up in cinema (lighting, floor, background) that I could start any project in with the scene already established to a good point.

I wanted to make use of elements such as Mograph, Thinking Particles, Thraussi and basic modelling, whilst establishing a good understanding of Render Settings, Depth of Field, Motion Passes and Ambient Occlusion in order to get render times down to a minimal.

With this onboard, I created a short story that was fun, easy to follow and aesthetically pleasing. It was aimed at children with fun bright colours, cool sound effects and uplifting music.

Ideally this project could follow on with other shorter stories based around the 'hello tv' ident.

Everything in the scene was created by myself, animated and then composited in After Effects with audio added last.

This has proved a solid turning point in my abilities and technical understanding, something that in my spare time has been a challenge and pleasure.

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