Raw video for the 5d mark ii. Who thought this would ever happen? Here is a test I ran out and shot before it got too dark one evening. Though the module is in it's early stages, you can get some great images out of it and the dynamic range is surprising good. Shooting in Raw Mode means you have to use the live-view button to record and frame with the custom markers on the screen. The CF card I was using was a Transcend 600x and at 1880x840 it would give me about 10 secs of footage or approximately 300 frames, before it stopped recording. The average file sizes of the raw files are about 600-800 MBs. The moiré / aliasing still exists, but doesn't seem as bad as the h264 video. Raw is great; but definitely not for every shoot as after many hours of file managing, converting and post-production I only have 36 seconds of (test) video.


- Canon 5D Mkii
- 24-105L IS
- Hand-held, IS ON
- Transcend CF Card 16GB 600x

Camera / Magic Lantern Settings:

- ISO 320/640
- 50 shutter
- 1880 x 840
- ML nightly build May 19, 2013
- Raw camera Module
- Canon Camera Video X Picture Profile


- Converted with Raw2DNG app
- Color Correction with Adobe Photoshop
- Exported @ 23.98fps and up-converted to 1080p with QT7
- No noise reduction used.
- Edited with FCP X
- Music by Kurt Vile - Nicotine Blues

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