Hey Everyone, Captain Carmine here.

Check out the Kickstarter here!

You have helped to make a dream come true. There is now a vibrant community of players in Quintet. I've received lots of great feedback and I want to share my stretch goals with you.

All of the stretch goals are based on what the community has requested.

$3500: Lobby Chat and Ship-to-Ship Hailing
Good communication between players is important in Quintet. The first stretch goal will include: text chat in the lobby and the ability to hail and voice chat another ship.

$5,000: OUYA support
Many of my backers have reached out to me about adding OUYA support. I'm excited to bring Quintet to this new indie friendly platform.

$7,500: New Ships and Scenarios
At this goal, I'll be able to purchase 3d models and other game assets needed to create new types of ships and new locations and scenarios for players.

Thank you again for this amazing experience...I'm looking forward to being on your crew.

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