Victoria Henshaw
Sensory Urbanist who specialises in the role of smell within experiential design of urban environments. Her work, although centred around smell, informs our attitude towards subjective experience and how the senses are so heavily linked with association. “My research interests centre upon the design, management and regeneration of towns and cities with a particular emphasis on sensory experience and perception. I am keen to work with both academics and practitioners, exploring innovative and experimental ways of improving the design and experience of urban environments”.

Marcin Wozniak
Graduate of Manchester School of art and conceptual Artist. His practice and research stresses how we draw on memories to construct our present environment. “I question the sense of belonging in the nomadic nature of the world in which I exist. Memory becomes a point of reference within understanding and adjusting”. He works predominantly with fabric installations and video articulating a ghostly transience of experience.

Jensen Brite
Experimental composer and sound designer from Salford University. His area of interest is creating virtual environments through sound-scapes. We were interested in his ideas of how we can fabricate environments and the question of to what extent our environments are fabricated, or ‘projected’ to begin with. With a solid understanding of the physicality and chemistry of resonance, how and why we respond to different stimuli, we can begin to deconstruct this framework and perhaps disrupt the associative experience.

Michael Betteridge and Jacob Thompson-Bell
Manchester based collective, ‘Collectives and Curiosities’, primarily musicians working with artists of varying platforms. A large part of the collective’s work is based around collaboration and multimedia installation. We are interested on the function of the ‘network’, how this is dictating to the artists practice and creating momentum and an organic growth of a work. This is also links into their question of ownership of work, as an element in much of their practice is audience participation perhaps supporting the idea that any work is essentially ‘actualised’ by the viewer.

Interviews: Thomas Valentine, Hannah Sulek
Camera work, editing: Thomas Valentine

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