Alex is a 9 year-old boy diagnosed with high-functioning autism. He recently picked up the ukulele through adaptive lessons in music therapy, and this is his first music video production. He personally directed the film, picked filming locations and subjects, chose the transitions in between clips, and of course, played and sang with the ukulele. Since one of Alex's favorite subjects is science, it was only fitting that he chose a song about natural disasters. Here are the lyrics, if you'd like to follow along:

I love those hurricanes and tidal waves and earthquakes!
I love to see the devastation, dun dun dun!
Her rivers burst its banks,
The army driving around in tanks
What a power of creation!

CHORUS: But I'm not sick!
I just love all mother nature.
Better be quick!
Or she's gonna come and get ya!

The rain is getting heavier,
The wind is getting faster
But I don't mind,
Because I just love a good old natural disaster!

I'm sailing on my raft
But last I knew, I was in my bath
Before the flood water came in rising

People standing on their roves
I like the water moves
The commotion I am summarizing...

Can you imagine what it would
Be like to be on top of Mt. Vesuivius,
Spewing lava over Pompeii?

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