“Edgar Alan Poe’s Alone” (2012) by Beetroot

Poe’s Letters
Luminous Entities
Context transforms
Distance becomes a Frail relation

“Edgar Alan Poe’s Alone” (2012) is Beetroot’s latest endeavor in developing new visual systems by transforming form and context.

To illustrate further the feeling of desolation and loneliness a system is made where each particle repels all others. Letters become living entities.
The simulation finally settles when each one has maximum distance from the others within a confined space.
Words are connected together via a transparent web so that some degree of readability remains.
The poem’s structure is destroyed by it’s context.

Our new limited edition print after the homonymous 1875 poem (High resolution archival inject print on Smooth Cotton High White, 100% Cotton 315 gsm paper) will be available for a limited time through Mangel-Wurzel.com.

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