This is a 6 minute excerpt from Tara and Jason's full wedding film.

There is a certain feel when we do Staten Island wedding stories unlike any other place in New York. What I can say about families that live here is that they are so real. Nothing holds back anyone from saying anything and we admire that so much. We love when characters in the wedding are outspoken and speak a lot. It gives us so many choices for voice over to tell the story in a real way. Tara and Jason's church was at Our Lady Queen of Peace in Staten Island and their reception took place at The Palace At Somerset Park, New Jersey.

When we ask the groomsmen to do something unique during the preparations, it always gives us a better story line to follow and usually loosen everyone up for the camera. In this wedding, they needed to pick up some supplies at the liquor store because...why not? We arranged someone close to the B&G to deliver the cards back and forth because they only lived about 10 minutes away from each other.

Special thanks to good friend Dave Venturini for helping out as guest filmmaker and of course always a pleasure to work with our close friends at Ricky Restiano Photography...great to see you again Anthony.

Please enjoy and don't be too upset at the end, we mean well...really!

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