This video was created to give context for ou recently developed web platform UNI. Before watching this video please watch "UNI Introduction 1" followed by, "UNI Introduction 2," then platform demo.
The virtual arena is rapidly evolving with constant technological innovation and increased adoption. Our knowledge of the end users relationships with these technologies is also extending. As the digital industry
prepares for what’s next, we conceive UNI as the next level of virtual platform based on our findings of two key convergent points:
1) Change in Human Behavior: The amount of people who use the Internet and their frequency of use of is an a consistent incline.
2) Evolution of the Internet: As Internet technologies and user behavior continue to evolve, new challenges emerge for existing businesses and new opportunities are created. uni is a web platform that address humans’ need for “connectivity.”
UNI was built as a response to changes in human behavior brought on by the digital age. Our goal is to facilitate an emotional exchange that strengthen value of the relationships in people’s lives through enhanced virtual experiences.

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