In America’s Pacific Northwest, the largest and potentially most pivotal battle in moving beyond fossil fuels is being waged. Our country’s demand for burning coal has slowed, so the coal industry has found a new market in Asia. Proposals to build new rail lines, deep water ports, and infrastructure—which will be used to ship coal from Wyoming and Montana to Asia—are being planned.

If Big Coal gets their way, twenty mile-and-a-half-long trains, laden with Powder River coal will travel from Wyoming and Montana each day, west through hundreds of small towns to pristine ports in the Pacific Northwest, with health threatening coal dust left in each train’s wake and global CO2 consequences once the coal is burned in Asia.

That coal has to stay in the ground. You can’t make the math of climate change work if you get the huge coal deposits of the Powder River Basin out and pour them into the atmosphere. -Bill McKibben.

The choices Americans and government officials can make now will determine the makeup of
our national energy policy for the future. Are we going to succumb to the financial interests of Big Coal with their false promises of job creation or will we seize this opportunity to protect our small towns and reinvent our energy future?

The biggest winners economically will be the individuals, nations, companies and entrepreneurs who pioneer the renewable energy economy. The resulting new energy jobs will be long term, and help re-establish US innovation leadership and manufacturing.

Momenta is a campaign to keep focus on the energy that best fuels our world, not sets us back. It’s a movement driven by a band of healthy-climate stakeholders: the outdoor and winter sports communities and the global nonprofit, Protect Our Winters.

Help us fund this film, which will used to raise awareness and help protect the people of the Pacific Northwest from the interest of big coal. It’s time to shift our nation’s focus away from coal’s dead end and fuel our renewable energy economy.

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