This is a timelapse of an assignment I received for my graduate school lighting 2 course. I am not a math-minded person, so this assignment took me about 12 hours to complete. The parameters of the assignment were to exhibit the following:

* main power supply
* feeder cable
* distribution boxes
* extension cables
* additional breakout boxes
* lamp placement
* the following lights in proper distribution with minimal load on neutral on either a single phase or triple phase distribution:
2 - 9 Light Maxie Brutes Mole Pars
2 - 9 Light Fays
2 - 1,200W HMI Pars
4 - Mickey Moles
6 - Mighty Moles
4 - 6K Space Lights
3 - Betweenies
4 - Tweenies
1 - 100W China Ball

If I learned anything at all from this assignment, it was that my mind was not made to function as a Best Boy.

Finished schematic:

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