Hans_Punk, our resident anamorphic slag, went through some recent footage shot with DSO lenses, and put together this new montage. Most of the shots are ungraded, straight out of the camera. If any processing has been applied, it is mild contrast boosting rather than rgb grading.

All shot using DSLR's, with h264, 8Bit in camera recording. Some of the gradations put the limited latitude and colour palette of 8bit dslr footage under stress, so using dedicated cinema cameras such as RED, Alexa, F65 etc will allow better utilisation of the aesthetics of our lenses.

This video shows numerous options including basic low contrast FF58's, Quasi F1.5's, Oval aperture'd FF58's used on their own and with Century 16:9 anamorphic converters. Additionally Hans has included shots taken with pre production TRUMP58's with both oval and standard apertures, a customised/rehoused Zeiss 50mmf1.4 (low contrast), along with various other configs including a prototype 35mm 'FF35' and a few special projects such as LOMO optimised FF58's used with vintage LOMO anamorphic fronts.

All footage has been cropped to 235, though only around 1/4 of the footage is actually acquired with an anamorphic attachment.

Some of the later shots we shot by the very talented 'QuckHitRecord' who can be found on our credits. He is a fellow anamorphic fiend with a stack of anamorphics possibly bigger than Hans's.

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