Various elements:
Production of the TRIBUTE-BAND BLACK FLAG REVIEW - musical event (voice and guitar: Enrico Stocco, Bass: Andrea Carpené, drummer: Corrado Linzi)
VIDEO, 15:43'' - loop
ALBUM BFRV - performance recorded on vinyl 12” + COVER
THE GARDENS OF ENTREPRENEURS SUICIDE - analog slides, loop of 19 elements
Flag TRICOLORE IN GRAYSCALE - print on silk

The project develops around the concept of hardcore as excess, referred primarily to the punk hardcore music of the Black Flag - Californian band founded by Greg Ginn in 1976.
The band’s imaginary - expressed through their songs, in relation to the drawings of the artist Raymond Pettibon - realized for their albums’ covers, led the artist Ryts Monet to work both on a visual and on a musical level and to reformulate through his project the social critique expressed by the Black Flag in reference to their time.
Part of the project consists in a Revival through which the artist has brought to light a music trend present in the region of Veneto, trend that has its roots in the beginning of the 80s in the United States. After a series of concerts of local punk hardcore bands – invited to play in different venues around Venice, the Revival culminated at Galleria Upp (Giudecca, Venice) with the performance of the tribute band Black Flag Review, founded and produced by Ryts Monet.
The artist has then portrayed - through a series of photographs, the houses of the middle-class businessmen who lived in Veneto and committed suicide during 2012 because of the economic crisis – that in this region has reached a dramatic level in the last few years.
While the series of photographs is projected on the wall beside an Italian flag in grey scale, the documentation of the Black Flag Review’s performance is shown in loop on a TV screen. The photographs of the houses have also been reproduced on the cover of the first and only copy of Black Flag Review’s album – that contains the recording of the live concert at Galleria Upp on the 2nd of December 2012.
The project has been realized during the artist’s residency at Bevilacqua La Masa Foundation (Venice ) and was first displayed within the collective exhibition for the end of the residency, on the 5th of February 2013.

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