A short documentary film by Matt Johanning

Lee Schmidt, an associate creative director/copywriter at Lindsay, Stone & Briggs, lives and works in Madison, Wisconsin.

In November 2010, increasingly aware of how diet and exercise can improve quality of life, Lee decided to begin working with a personal trainer.

Jo Chern, owner of Small Change Personal Training, is certified in both fitness and nutrition. Jo has guided Lee on a path that has increased his strength, stamina, flexibility and balance while decreasing body fat, blood pressure and resting pulse rate.

Lee is driven by many factors including the tragic loss of a brother at a young age as well as the sadness of watching his father suffer through many years of declining health.

In “Non-negotiable” Lee reveals the compelling and inspiring story of how he built a life for himself where fitness has become habitual and, as Jo puts it, “internalized.” She shares her insights on how Lee has been able to make strength and cardio training “non-negotiable.”

Lee's friend Kay Hansen, a weight loss consultant, shares her thoughts on how Lee is able to sustain his dedication.

“Non-negotiable” ends with an inspiring vision of how Lee hopes his life will conclude.

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