"American Streetballers" has been compared to "Coach Carter" meets "Good Will Hunting" meets Spike Lee's "He Got Game."

Searching for sanity in the midst of turmoil, two junior college basketball players find release and therapy while competing at one of the toughest and most respected street courts in the U.S. With a philosophy of Hoops, Hustle and Hope, both men spend the entire summer helping one another overcome adversities. Their dedication and love for the game of basketball transcends from playground courts into each of their dysfunctional lives.

Festival Awards for this Irish/Urban Drama include Best Dramatic Feature, an Audience Choice Award, a Jury Award, and Best Cinematography. "American Streetballers" made the official Academy list for the 2010 (82nd) Academy Awards making the film eligible for Best Picture and Best Original Screenplay.


"Streetballers crackles with energy, style and the sense of an auspicious young director making his voice heard." Scott Foundas - LA Weekly

"Streetballers succeeds brilliantly. A product of love of the game, and the first feature film from independent film quadruple threat director/producer/writer/lead actor Matthew Scott Krentz." Ball in Europe

"The greatest basketball film ever made!" Josh Powell - World Champion Lakers

"Streetballers is a detailed, expressive, wonder-full film... it will get you to thinking about more than just the immediate. You don’t have to love basketball to love this story of redemption, inspiration and courage." Campus Circle Magazine

“My first thought after finishing Streetballers was, Wow! I want everybody to see this movie.” Bob Andelman - Mr. Media

“Streetballers is a riveting cinematic experience that successfully captures the struggles, triumphs and passion of street basketball. A must see for any basketball player, fan or enthusiast.” Greg Johnson - CEO, Streetball.com

"Plot: Simply put, strong. Encompassing much, utilizing twist, turns and subplots strongly, Streetballers will have your full attention throughout. Aside from the obligatory basketball, rap, guns and violence, this flick is about so much more. It’s about family; it’s about friends; it’s about hope; it’s about making the most of the least." Tzvi Twersky - SLAM ONLINE

“Streetballers is a great movie. It can hold it's own on "the court" visually with any high budget studio film but it was made for a tenth of the cost." TheFlickFanatic.com

“Streetballers grinding for a change… I had a chance to speak to Matt Scott Krentz, writer and director of the new Streetballers movie last night and came away impressed with his hustle, attitude and flavor." Sean Couch – Bounce Magazine

“Overall, Streetballers killed all my expectations and left me excited for the future of the talent in this film. It is nice to see St. Louis represented by some great new up and coming talent. It is an impressive first feature effort from this team and I can only hope that their second effort is as good.” Reviewstl.com

“Last weekend, the locally produced sports movie Streetballers cracked the national top ten at the box office. According to Variety the film averaged more than $5700 per screen, ranking it ninth in the country, ahead of G.I. Joe, Julie and Julia, The Hangover and evenHarry Potter and the Half-Blood Prince. ... the per-screen average is a measure that gets Hollywood’s attention." Joe Williams- Saint Louis Post-Dispatch

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