Our first return guest on Where Did the Road Go?, we talk with James Swagger. Since we last spoke, he made a trip to Peru, and not only investigated the sites there, but explored more internally with Ayahuasca. We cover quite a lot of ground in this interview, including previewing what will be in his new book, The Newgrange Acoustics Mystery - Linking Passage Grave Acoustics with Dogon Mythology. We discuss...

What acoustic properties various sites around the world have.
What would they be used for.
How are the sites connected?
What type of technology would be required to do this?
The Hyperboreans and whether they were myth or reality.
Structures in Peru.
Altered States of Consciousness.
Cave Art and it's interpretation.
James' exploration of Ayahuasca.
Some of what will be published in his new book and much more...

James' new book should be out in the next few months. jamesswagger.com is his website, and you can buy The Newgrange Sirius Mystery on Amazon. You can find a review of said book in our book review section, and we have a previous interview up with James in the Archive. James also has his own radio show called Capricorn Radio.

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