In Japan, every spring since 1950, there is a national event called “Zenkoku Shokujusai” (全国植樹祭) aiming to promote the protection of forests and greenery all over the country. It is hold each year in a different prefecture of Japan and the Emperor himself participates and plants a tree. This year, the 64th edition, the event is located in Tottori prefecture. For this occasion, Misasa also organized an event related to it in its Cultural Center on May 25th.
I have been asked to make a video introducing Misasa, to the audience coming from all over the country, on the same model that the one I did for the French delegation in April (, but longer. My superiors requested a video around 15 minutes long gathering the videos I did until now with different chapters like the delegation’s video.

"Get Along" by Smokey Hormel (

"A Dream I Didn't Have" by Father Sleep

"Last Dance" by Jahzzar (

"Seeing Stars" by Jenny Mayhem (

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