A Greek philosopher had once said that “I only like solitude when it is chosen by me”. However we are living in an age in which a plague of loneliness is sweeping the human race and it is nobody’s choice other than the Devil’s. God made his view known from the very beginning; in the Garden of Eden He echoed his stance, “it is not good for man to be alone”, and from that day on God tried to find means to keep company with man. Nevertheless the enemy of man has managed to divide God from his creation by sowing seeds of doubt, unbelief and desperation. “Where is God?”, “No one knows that I exist”, “no one knows how I feel.”
Undoubtedly loneliness is not reserved for the poor or the uneducated; loneliness knows no boundaries of status; like a suffocating blanket loneliness covers most of us. In self-defence some of us keep busy by putting more hours in the office. Others spend more time in the pub, some buy pets for companions and others buy love from the street corner.
Unfortunately only a handful of people will lift up their heads and seek God.
This year God is directing us to words spoken thousands of years ago...‘behold a virgin shall be with child and bear a son and they shall call his name Immanuel...God with us’. Matt 1:23
Not God in heaven, not God in the temple nor God with the religious, but God with “us”. Forever and throughout all eternity the good news is that... we do not have be alone again!

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