Moonlight to Sunrise (2013)
Short Film

The film begins through a combination of sound, reflections, light and projections creating an illusion of moonlit sea, the moon casts a glow across the gentle ripples which introduce a brewing storm creating increases waves, bright flashes of projected lighting, a loud bolt of lightning creates a booming roar of thunder which reveals in reality the sound of all the lights in the space being turned on, exposing the viewer to the actual setting of a mundane swimming pool. This conveys the power of light and its ability to influence how we perceive a space.

The second half of the film recreating the mundane pool atmosphere by again altering the perception of time, season and ambiance through projecting images of a sun rising through clouds and yellow and red gradient circle in the swimming pool space representing the sun. A chiming serene audio with the sound of waves and birds singing echo alongside the trembling wave reflections, creating a mediative sunset relaxing the viewer. In one way the composition portrays a common westernised association with a sea sunset, triggering thoughts of holidays, warmth and summer seasons. Whilst at the same time the work transforms a mundane swimming pool into a piece of art, exploring the ambiance of light and space, psychologically encouraging more of a relaxing meditative environment rather than a fast pace lane pool which is often mirrored in London’s fast pace lifestyle. The film fades away intended to be loop back to the moonlit night sea.

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