This video is about the Kick inside GP PAPS v1, v2.1, v2.5 SS & LUX Edition
The production of Kick's module is inconsistent and their length varies from 15 mm to 19 mm. The different brands of batteries change always their dimensions and they are almost always out of specs. For that reason we changed the length of the tubes and we made 1 mm lengthier from version 2 and that happened in the middle of the production of version 2. To find the perfect solution to redesigned the GP Telescopic Centre Post twice and now in v2.5 it consists of:

1x M3 brass male screw with 1,2 mm head.
1x M3 brass male screw with 2,2 mm head.
1x M5 brass male screw, with 6,6 mm length and M3 female threads
1x PEEK II thermoplastic insulator reinforced with glass fibres for stiffness and durability, FDA approved.

It is now compatible with GP PAPS v1, v2, v2.1, v2.5, GP Piccolo v1, v2, v2.5. v2.6, v3, v3.1.
The new telescopic post v2.5 can be used with all length variation of kick and different brands of batteries when we put them inside a GP PAPS v2.5 and most tubes of v2.1.

Music: Cigarettes by Dyman (

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