“Sometimes it’s the obvious angle that you never see coming.”

The official teaser trailer for the film CASH OUT. For more info, visit our Facebook page at facebook.com/cashoutmovie

CASH OUT, from director Simon D Lorady, is a sweeping emotional crime drama that powerfully explores the relationship between two brothers of a mafia family and the violent events that shape their lives.

Cashing out of the life is never easy...

South Philadelphia, 1976, is the setting where a minx, a maffia capo, and a seemingly “easy job” fuel the labyrinthine plot filled with ambition, greed, passion and deception.

Plot Outline:
South Philadelphia, 1976. Nick Servillo (Ed Aristone) and brother Tommy Servillo (Shaun Paul Costello) are part of the Bruno crime family organization. Nick returns from an eight-year prison stint, and vows to “go straight.” His brother Tommy has different plans for him.

Nick’s long time girlfriend Rachel Bara (Kim Carson) also wants Nick to provide the life she is accustomed to. Nick reluctantly agrees to pull a bank job for the local capo Al Lupini (Marty Krzywonos). The job seems easy enough with lifetime safe-cracker Charlie Lauretti (Danny Plaza) and wheel-man Jimmy Stack (Patrick Hickman) on the crew.

But, things go awry; and people are not as they seem. Trust is lost, and control is slowly slipping through Nick’s fingers.

Release Date: Summer 2013 (June 23rd)
Genre: Period Crime Drama
Studio: Kilroy Productions
Starring: Ed Aristone, Shawn Paul Costello, Kim Carson, Dan Plaza, Patrick Hickman, and Marty Krzywonos and Dave Polgar.
Also with:
Jerry Petersack
Michael Connolly
Todd Lehmacher
Darrin P Lorady
Sterling Wheaten
Britney Little
Duane W Little
Gregory J. Hilbert
Loren W. Lepre
Christian Dorsey

Directed and Written By: Simon D Lorady
Cinematography By: Chris Newhard
Produced By: Danielle Allio, Chris Newhard, Simon D Lorady
Co Producer: Robert Goodman, Justin Palka
Sound By: Aaron Jenkins

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