The 6th and final movie which puts {JoF} to it's current state in 2013.

Intro =

Peace and freedom have been active in the last couple of years after the defeat of the Koon brothers nemesis'.

The Jedi's of Freedom order has never been stronger. There is currently an overflow of recruits who
all wish to learn the ways of the force which is leading to a internal competition among the padawans.

One student in particular known as Avarion has joined the order and been assigned as a Padawan
to High Councilar Median. Shree believes this padawan shows a significant lack of patience
and has therefore decided to send him on a mission to test him.

Having also heard recent news on a group known as Anonymous: It is to the orders belief
that they are planning to disrupt the leadership of the order.

Shree Koon has plans on creating a inner system where those who'm are a part of it will be treated as jedi agents.
A base is needed for this system to fully work. Zachriel, one of the founders in this system has been tasked
to find a Dark Jedi who seems to have ties to Anonymous. He is being aided by Uriel on this hunt...

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