I filmed this video to present to the African Union 21 Summit and the 50th Anniversary Golden Jubilee Celebration of the African Unity Organization.
It is to:
All Leaders of the African Nations,
The African Union Chairman,
The Peace And Security Commissioner,
The entire African Union,
The African Unity Organization,
The Pan African Parliament and to the African People.

My name is Michelle Rosenthal, LMSW. I am the president and founder of the Going For A Global Truce Peace Movement and the Going For An African Peace Movement. I am a social worker and peace advocate from Brooklyn, NY. We are preparing a documentary and an online magazine about this peace movement in the African Union Summit.

Congratulations on the African Unity Organizations 50th Anniversary Golden Jubilee and on this 21St African Union Summit! May Africa’s next 50 years and infinitely into the future be bright, filled with peace, prosperity, good health and happiness for the African People.

I have prepared two proposals called The National and International Peace Every Day Resolution and Treaty For Global Truce and Global Cease Fire and The African National and International Peace Every Day Resolution and Treaty for African Truce and African Cease Fire for submission into the UN and the AU.

These proposals build on two existing unanimously ratified UN resolutions: 55/282 of September 2001 which established September 21 annually as an international day of peace, with a global truce and a global cease fire for the day and 48/11 of November 1993 which urges UN member states to observe the Olympic Truce from the seventh day before the opening of each Olympic Games to the seventh day following the closing of each Olympic Games.

The treaties that we are putting forward expand the concept from peace one day to peace every day; whether it is September 21 or not and whether the Olympic Games are on or not!

According to WarsInTheWorld.com as of 5/16/2013 60 countries were involved in wars fighting with 426 groups. Among those fighting were 24 African countries and 115 groups.

We request all world leaders and non-state combatant leaders enter into a period of intensive peace negotiation talks each year June 13 to September 21 for the duration of the UN’s 100 day countdown to the International Day of Peace.

We request The UN, African Union or peace-building NGOs arrange many high level meetings to take place in person or through internet conferencing between the leaders of all parties engaging in armed combat.
Problem solving sessions should take place as often as needed until an agreement is reached whereby all parties to the conflict agree to end the combat, sign and adhere to a truce and ceasefire agreement.

We request the African Union members formally sponsor these resolutions and treaties and submit these proposals into the African Union and into the United Nations this year. They may be distributed, reviewed, put for a vote, signed and most importantly adhered to by all AU and UN member nations and non-state combatant groups.

We call upon the AU to build and strengthen an international coalition of world leaders willing to participate in this peace initiative for a truce and cease fire. These proposals have an excellent chance of unanimous passage if they are put to a vote during this AU Summit and in the UN. Please launch Africa and the world into a new era of peace-building beginning on the 50thAnniversary of the African Union Organization!

Please invite international press to be prepared to witness all African world leaders coming together at the 50th Anniversary celebration and annually at the AU International Day of Peace Celebrations on 9/21 standing behind the AU banner with the following words printed and simultaneously repeated by the group in unison:


The group may also say:

AU members are invited to speak in support of these concepts and of these treaty proposals expressing their plan on video as to how to make a truce and ceasefire a reality.

Leaders of all nations in the UN and all people on Earth are invited to write, pray and say these same words each day and pledge to adhere to a truce and a global cease fire in their words and actions.

Please organize or participate in peace-building events each year especially on 9/21. Peace Day events may be found at: peaceoneday.org, internationaldayofpeace.org, worldpeace.org, and peaceday.tv

We suggest on September 21 of each year all world leaders and all parties that have reached agreements to cease fire during the preceding year come together at the AU, UN, and another designated location or virtually over internet conferencing. They are invited to make a public declaration of their truce and cease fire.

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