DIRECTORS NOTE: It was an exceptionally difficult documentary expedition to undertake. We were a team of 12, shooting underground, in an 100% humidity environment and freezing cold water for many days. Our efforts were rewarded by a spectacle only few have the privilege of seeing. Natural, ethereal beauty untouched by man.

With pride, we present you with ‘THE WONDERS OF DIROS’.

Documentary Synopsis
Beneath the rough landscape of Mani a cave of unprecedented beauty is hidden. One of the loveliest lake caves in the world. Nature has carved a wonder beyond every imagination. Pure white stalactites and stalagmites are refelected on the quiet waters of the lakes. Impressive drapes of sparkling crystals grace every corner, creating an unrivalled spectacle that takes one’s breath away and fills all who view it with awe. A sight so unique in the world, it has been named ‘The Parthenon of Greek caves’! This beautiful cave is located at Diros of Mani in Greece.

By PROTEAS Editions 2009
Executive Producer: Dolphins Productions
Directed: Maria Spiropoulou / George Tzanakis

Director of Photography: George Tzanakis
Music OST (Original Sound Track) : Nicolas Panderis
Sound Design: Dr. Stelios Yiannoulakis
Narration: Nestoras Kopsidas (greek), Izambela Louiza Kyriazi (english)

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